Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Second Rotation: Clear Out Your Old, Unwanted Electronics

OK, this article isn't about podcasting or music specifically, but if you're a podcast fan, no doubt you've bought plenty of music-playing and computer equipment over the years... and may well still have some outdated items. I know I do; one corner of my home office looks like a museum of old electronics items, but maybe now I can clear it out now that I've found out about Second Rotation. This Boston-based company helps reuse and recycle old electronics equipment by making it easy to unload the items, and even paying you to do so.

It's pretty simple: You look up your item on their Web site, see what price they'll give you for it, then sign up and ship it to Second Rotation, FREE! They'll take cell phones, gaming consoles, digital cameras, laptops, and more. Granted, you won't make a bundle out of selling this stuff, especially if it's particularly out of date. But one of the main goals of Second Rotation is to keep these electronics out of landfills. In fact, sometimes they'll pay for items that really have no value, from what I've read, just so it won't get thrown out.

Ars Technica has a good article on Second Rotation and its mission. Apparently investors believe in the company, too... it's said that Second Rotation just raised $4.4 millionin a first round of funding.

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