Saturday, April 28, 2007

Spider-Man Week: Some Choice Events

I mentioned New York's Spider-Man Week previously, but in case you've been too lazy to check out the site and see what all is happening for Spidey's big week, I've done it for you.

Besides having the U.S. premiere of "Spider-Man 3" in all five boroughs, here's a rundown of some interesting, and quite varied, events. Whether you prefer your spiders to be the real creepy-crawly kind or strictly animated or on film, there's a Spidey event for you. No swinging from skyscrapers, though.

SPIDER WEEK, AMERICAN MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY - including five different kinds of live spiders

THE ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN COMIC BOOK COLLECTION, THE NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY - featuring some rare comic books that have never before been displayed



SCALE LIKE SPIDEY!, CHELSEA PIERS - the West Side sports complex features wall climbing; I'm guessing you'll have to bring your own red tights

FREE COMIC BOOK DAY - yes, free comic books. Check for details

RED AND BLACK "EXCLUSIVE" WEB WEEK, GAMESTOP - GameStop stores are previewing the new Spider-Man 3 video game, and are having a launch event on May 3

SPIDER-MAN CENTRAL, THE SONY BUILDING - you can get your picture taken with a 60-foot Spider-Man inflatable and get it printed. At Sony's technology lab you can see how the animations were done on the first two Spidey films.

KICK-OFF PARTY ON THE TODAY SHOW, ROCKEFELLER PLAZA - Spidey will appear on the "Today" show (OK, it's really Tobey Maguire and the cast of Spider-Man 3). With marching bands, web-slinger showdowns, the whole sebang. If Spidey appears on "The View," I'm gonna puke

SPIDER-MAN 3 "The Official Novelization", POCKET STAR BOOKS/MIDTOWN COMICS - Best-selling author Peter David will sign copies of the novelization of SPIDER-MAN 3, based on Alvin Sargent's screenplay, at Midtown Comics.

SPIDER SCIENCE, NEW YORK HALL OF SCIENCE (Queens) - you can climb on the Hall’s new magnetic Spider Wall, learn about spider biology with their live collection

SPIDER-MAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES, MUSEUM OF THE MOVING IMAGE - while you're in Queens, check out the vintage film prints of the Spider-Man animated TV series, which dates back to the late 1960s

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

It's "Spider-Man Week" In New York, April 30 to May 6

New York City will celebrate Spider-Man Week on April 30 until May 6, with dozens of events recognizing everyone's favorite building-swinging, wall-crawling dude.

There are plenty of happenings related to spiders and Spidey himself, from a display of rare Spider-Man comic books and spider displays at the American Museum of Natural History to, of course, the American premiere of the Spider-Man 3 movie. The premiere of the new blockbuster movie will take place simultaneously at a number of theaters in all five boroughs of NYC... including Queens, the borough where our hero Peter Parker was born.

You can find info on all the events, times, and locations at the official "Spider-Man Week" Web site.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Sunday NY Times Profiles Canadian Songbird Feist

Canadian chanteuse Leslie Feist (who performs professionally using just her last name) may be poised to break into the next level of music biz success. She's set to release her third album with a fancy music video featuring nearly 50 dancers, and the New York Times is doing a fine profile of her tomorrow in its Sunday Arts & Leisure section.

I first heard of Feist a couple of years ago after hearing a couple of her tunes on various podcasts, and after hearing that she was a member of the popular Canadian music collective Broken Social Scene. Feist put on a great show in New York City about a year ago, combining the style of an indie-rock singer, pop tunesmith, and a classic French chanteuse in one. She seems to be spending less time in Broken Social Scene and more on her solo career, which is OK by me.

Her new album, “The Reminder,” will be out May 1, and she's touring this spring and summer to support it. She'll perform at New York City's Town Hall on June 11.

Mylot Chat Site Now Includes Blogs

The popular Web chat/message board site Mylot--which pays users for starting and commenting on discussions--has now added blogs.

Mylot members and other can now search for and read blog entries from their favoriate blogs just aif they were user discussions and comments.

I've submitted Podcast Party to the site using my myLot User Profile; if it's approved, Mylot users will be able to read and comment on my blog posts--and get paid for doing so!