Saturday, April 14, 2007

Sunday NY Times Profiles Canadian Songbird Feist

Canadian chanteuse Leslie Feist (who performs professionally using just her last name) may be poised to break into the next level of music biz success. She's set to release her third album with a fancy music video featuring nearly 50 dancers, and the New York Times is doing a fine profile of her tomorrow in its Sunday Arts & Leisure section.

I first heard of Feist a couple of years ago after hearing a couple of her tunes on various podcasts, and after hearing that she was a member of the popular Canadian music collective Broken Social Scene. Feist put on a great show in New York City about a year ago, combining the style of an indie-rock singer, pop tunesmith, and a classic French chanteuse in one. She seems to be spending less time in Broken Social Scene and more on her solo career, which is OK by me.

Her new album, “The Reminder,” will be out May 1, and she's touring this spring and summer to support it. She'll perform at New York City's Town Hall on June 11.

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