Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"Lost" Series Finale: Reviews, Analysis, Comments, Reactions, and More

"Lost" is over, but the discussion and analysis has just begun. Sunday's mind-bending "Lost" series finale created more questions than it answered, with many fans loving it, others hating it, and still others scratching their heads.

To supply your own comments, and here what other fans think, I recommend checking out the latest episode of "The Transmission," the excellent "Lost" podcast by Ryan and Jen Ozawa in Hawaii (as I mentioned in my previous post on the "Lost" series finale), which the podcasters recorded not long after the finale aired. There are more than a thousand comment on their blog post for that podcast episode.

Also check out Jay and Jack's "Lost" podcast, which should be up on Wednesday (the two hosted a "Lost" finale viewing party in Los Angeles on Sunday, so apparently were not recording their usual night-of podcast).

To see what the press thought of the "Lost" series finale, here's a roundup of reports from the Web:
* Entertainment Weekly's Jeff "Doc" Jensen has an extensive recap of of the "Lost" season finale, in two parts. See his "Lost" finale recap, part one and "Lost" finale recap, part two
* A brief article says that "Big questions [were] answered in series finale," but notes that "In typical "Lost" fashion, some show mysteries remain open for debate"
* In the L.A. Times, Maria Elena Fernandez says that the "'Lost' finale creates islands of thought", but that paper's TV critic Mary McNamara was less impressed, remarking that "Lost" was "nothing more or less than a love story"
* AP TV columnist Frazier Moore says "'Lost" addresses years of questions in finale"
* USA Today's review says of the "Lost" finale, "Redemption as 'The End' justifies the journey"
* Over at the New York Times, the Artsbeat blog found the "Lost" finale "gauzy, vaguely religious, more than a little mawkish"
* Newsweek says the episode "encapsulated the show's essence," writing that, "The 'Lost' finale will cause endless debate. In that way, it was a perfect encapsulation for the entire series"
* Time's Tuned In blog offers a lengthy review of "The End," calling it "a moving, soulful finale"

And for some interesting articles on "Lost" that don't necessarily have to do with the series finale:
* takes a fascinating look at various aspects of creating "Lost" and making it work, from the mysteries of The Island to a map of the links between the key characters, from how Geronimo Jackson was brought to life to the "continuity czar" who kept "Lost"'s characters, and chronology, on track
* notes that "Lost" creators promise to give more answers to the show's questions in a 20-minute segment on a DVD bonus feature (the "Lost" Season 6 DVD comes out in August)
* Paste Magazine has an article on the literary inspirations for the show, looking at "Eight books that have influenced the island"
* The blog Stories in My Pocket offers a humorous list of "Lost" spin-offs they'd most like to see

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