Friday, May 28, 2010

Rolling Stones Classic "Exile on Main Street" Gets Reissue; Hear It Online Free

The Rolling Stones have gotten into the reissue business, last week reissuing its 1972 classic "Exile on Main Street." According to an article in Billboard, "Exile" is the first Stones album to be released in this latest series of reissues of the band's extensive catalog. 

The remastered "Exile on Main Street" is available in a number of configurations, including the original 18-track set and a deluxe edition that includes 10 additional tracks. Billboard is offering free streaming of the remastered "Exile on Main Street" (the 18-track version) at this link.

Don Was, who has long been a producer for the Rolling Stones, was in charge of the "Exile" reissue, which meant not only cleaning up and improving the existing tracks but going through the extra tracks on the old master recordings and identifying unknown gems and alternate takes worthy of inclusion on the reissue.

You can hear a 35-minute interview with Don Was about the "Exile on Main Street" project and hear some of the previously unreleased tracks at NPR Music.

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