Sunday, April 18, 2010

Special Beatles Remastered 7" Vinyl to be Released in U.S. in May

Record Store Day is over, but the specials continue. The RSD Web site has what it says is "Breaking Beatles News," namely the release of a limited-edition Beatles 7" vinyl to indie record stores in the U.S. next month (the release was made available to independent record shops in the U.K. yesterday as part of its Record Store Day celebrations.) The announcement on the RSD site:

"The Beatles want to extend your Record Store Day high, and to do that they’re releasing THE FIRST PIECE OF REMASTERED VINYL to participating Record Store Day indie record stores on May 18. It’s a LIMITED EDITION 7” featuring “Paperback Writer” b/w “Rain” and it’s coming to the United States in May." 

They suggest that you read their disclaimer, which says among other things that since independent record stores are, well, independent, they alone decide what special items to carry and how much. In other, words, RSD can't guarantee that your local indie store will be getting the Beatles limited-edition 7" vinyl, so contact them directly to find out if they're participating. 

So how was everyone's Record Store Day? I hit up two stores (Other Music in New York City and Tunes in Hoboken, NJ) and was glad to see that they were both doing brisk business. In fact, Other Music has a small-ish line, so I didn't actually go inside. 

As usual, Record Store Day has motivated me to visit local indie stores more often, which in fact I will - Tunes sells tickets for concerts at Maxwell's, the famed Hoboken restaurant, so I'll be popping in there at least a couple of times in the coming weeks.

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