Friday, April 02, 2010

Apple iPad Reviews - Views from the Tech Press

Above: Using the on-screen keyboard of the Apple iPad. Photo: Flickr user matt buchanan

There's been lots of talk and hype about the Apple iPad, but now the tech reviewers have actually gotten their hands on the device and had a chance to put it through its paces. So what are the iPad reviews so far? 

* Walt Mossberg, the influential personal technology columnist for the Wall Street Journal, is quite impressed. He says the iPad is "a 'game changer' that makes browsing and video a pleasure."
* PC World offers a handy iPad FAQ that answers a lot of the questions about the iPad that have caused much confusion among potential buyers, such as the differences between the 3G and Wi-Fi models, how easy the on-screen keyboard is to use, whether you can use an external monitor, etc.
* If you just want articles that give brief reviews from a number of tech folks (including Mossberg), another PC World column supplies a round-up of iPad reviews that offer the good and bad of the device, along with opinions on battery life and a one-sentence summary. (There are links to the full original reviews, of course.)
* offers a similar summary of iPad reviews but with one- to three-sentence excerpts from the original columns (with links to them).

All in all, the reviewers seem impressed with the new Apple iPad. If consumer response is just as positive, Apple will be able to laugh off all those "iTampon" jokes people were making when the product was announced.

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