Friday, April 09, 2010

Godspeed You! Black Emperor to Reunite for Shows, ATP Festival

The progressive/experimental/"post-rock" collective Godspeed You! Black Emperor will reunite later this year to curate the All Tomorrow's Parties Festival (ATP) in England, and to perform some shows as a band. 

Godspeed You! Black Emperor has been on hiatus since 2003, says, and it's believed they haven't performed live for about a decade. 

In a somewhat cryptic message posted online, the Montreal collective announced that "after a decade's retreat, god's pee has decided to roll again. We are, as always, stoked, stubborn and petrified." The event that Godspeed You! Black Emperor will curate is called "Nightmare Before Christmas" and will take place from December 3rd to 5th at Butlin's Holiday Centre in Minehead, U.K. 

Godspeed You! Black Emperor will perform all three days, in addition to choosing about 40 acts that will also be on the bill. The lineup as of now includes: 

Bardo Pond
The Ex
Tim Hecker
Mike Watt (of the Minutemen, fIREHOSE, and the Stooges)
Scout Niblett

As for the band's other plans, the online statement says, "current plans = a.t.p.u.k., a handful of british and european shows, and then 9 american towns."

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