Friday, January 18, 2008

Sheryl Crow Back in New York for Feb. Gigs

It's been a while since Sheryl Crow headlined a gig in the New York area, but she's coming back for a pair of concerts (Feb. 6th and 7th), and at a smaller venue than before.

Crow played some shows on tour with John Mayer a year or so ago. And was scheduled to headline a show at the New Jersey Performing Art Center a couple of years back, but had to cancel that part of her tour when she discovered she had breast cancer. Now she's doing two shows at Irving Plaza (of "Fillmore New York at Irving Plaza," as the venue is now called).

As a longtime Sheryl Crow fan, I'm glad to see her in a smaller venue like Irving Plaza, where I can move up close if I want (even though it's a standing-only venue), as opposed to the larger, more formal concert halls where you're stuck in an assigned seat, probably far from the action unless you can pony up for tickets in the first few rows.

Sheryl Crow's new album "Detours" is aptly named, reflecting on the twists and turns in life, including the ones that she has experienced in the last few years: her breakup from fiance Lance Armstrong, her diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer, and her new role as a mother (she adopted a child last year). "Detours" also marks a return to working with producer Bill Bottrell, the man who worked with her on her breakthrough first album, "Tuesday Night Music Club."

With all these changes and reflections, maybe it's fitting that Crow is returning to playing in smaller, standing-only clubs. She may well be playing in a big seated concert hall on her next trip to New York, so I'm going to catch her at Irving Plaza this time.

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