Monday, January 14, 2008

Macworld 2008 Steve Jobs Keynote - A Lite Laptop in the Air?

Macworld 2008 officially began Monday, Jan. 14th, but for most observers Macworld doesn't start until Tuesday morning--when Steve Jobs delivers his keynote address.

The Steve Jobs keynote is the highlight of any Macworld conference and expo, because that's when Jobs unveils the latest and coolest innovations in Mac hardware and software.

Fortune wonders how Steve Jobs can top last year's Macworld keynote, when he introduced the iPhone, then suggests a few potential items: the hottest being the long-rumored think-and-light MacBook, which some people are calling the MacBook Air.

This rumor is further fueled by the fact that Apple's Web site shows the phrase "There's something in the air" on a black background. The page also invites readers to watch Jobs's keynote address live on Tuesday, which may be the first time they've done that.

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