Sunday, January 27, 2008

Kathleen Edwards, The Hives Perform at Hockey All-Star Game

Somebody at the National Hockey League has good taste in comtemporary music. It's All-Star Game on Sunday night featured the Canadian national anthem performed by Canadian alt-country/rock singer Kathleen Edwards, who I've liked ever since I heard her first single Six O'Clock News" in 2003.

Kathleen Edwards first became known with her 2003 debut album, "Failer," which featured the hit song "Six O'Clock News." It also contained the songs "Another Song the Radio Won't Like" and "Hockey Skates" ... being a Canadian I guess she likes hockey, so she's a good choice to sing the national anthem before the All-Star Game.

The second Kathleen Edwards album, "Back to Me," came out in 2005, and she's got a new one on the way in 2008 called "Asking for Flowers."

Unfortunately, I couldn't see the performance because I don't have the cable channel that televises the NHL. So not only did I miss Edwards, but I also didn't see the Swedish rock group The Hives, another band I like, doing their song "Tick Tick Boom" before the the start of the game. The good news is that I have tickets to see The Hives in concert in a few weeks, doing their Swedish garage-rock revival. If the show is as fun as their records, that gig should be a blast.

Kudos to the NHL for having such good taste in music. Now if they can only sign a TV contract with a major sports channel...

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