Monday, October 11, 2010

Suzanne Vega: "People & Places" Out Tuesday; Get It for $3.99 Today

Singer-songwriter Suzanne Vega's latest project is re-recording a number of her songs from throughout her career and releasing them in themed albums. The first album in the series she's calling "Close-Up" was "Love Songs"; the second, "People and Places," comes out tomorrow. is having a special day-early sale on the MP3 edition of "Close-Up, Vol 2: People and Places (Deluxe Edition)," offering it for only $3.99 for Monday, Oct. 12th only. [UPDATE: The price is still good on Tuesday, Oct. 12th.] (This offer may be good only in the U.S.) This edition has several extra bonus tunes, including a Spanish-language version of "Luka."

As you'd expect, New York is the place that shows up most frequently on the (as in "Tom's Diner" and "New York is a Woman"); and the people include the title characters from her songs "Luka," "Priscilla," and "The Queen and the Soldier."

Suzanne Vega performed a live set at Borders book store headquarters last week; you can view song from the session at the link. Playing with Vega are her longtime collaborators bassist Mike Visceglia and guitarist Gerry Leonard.

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