Tuesday, October 19, 2010

2010 CMJ Music Marathon is Underway

The annual festival of musical overload known as the CMJ Music Marathon & Film Festival is underway in NYC and environs. The festival, which began Tuesday and runs through Saturday, Oct. 23rd, will feature performances more than 1,200 bands in that time, as well as movies, workshops, panels, etc.

You can check the CMJ Music Marathon schedule here, but a warning: it's huge and daunting, with gigs beginning in the morning and going late into the night (and next morning). The New York Times has a humorous flow chart of what to see at CMJ, which nonetheless has some useful information.

Paste Magazine has an A-to-Z guide to CMJ, choosing one favorite act from each letter of the alphabet. It may not yield the best group of bands to see, but it does narrow down the choices.

Among the acts playing CMJ on Wednesday: Kelsey, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., Rich Aucoin, The Fleshtones, Sharon Etten, Sonya Kitchell, Willie Nile, and Bear Hands.

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