Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sunday in NYC: Women Rocking for Women Rockers

I'm a big fan of female rockers and singers, and I'll be seeing plenty of them tomorrow, Sept. 26th (and there are more I won't be able to see).

The main event is the inaugural Tinderbox Festival of established and up-and-coming female artists, which I heard about from Eliot of the Now I've Heard Everything blog. Starting at 3:30 and running til around midnight at Southpaw in Brooklyn, Tinderbox doesn't just showcase female musicians, it supports them by benefiting causes to help young women (including the Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls).

You can find the Tinderbox Festival lineup here; tickets are only $20 at the door. Jenny Owen Youngs is the only performer there that I'm familiar with, so I'll be seeing a lot of new artists, which is always fun.

I won't be able to stay too late at the Tinderbox Festival because I'm seeing Sheryl Crow and Brandi Carlile at Radio City (tickets available here). Crow is one of those performers I see every time they come to town not only because I love their music, but because they always put on a good show. I've liked the various Carlile songs I've heard over the years, so am looking forward to catching her live.

The Canadian band Stars (featuring singer Amy Millan) is one I've enjoyed seeing live before, and after playing Terminal 5 the other night word came that they are playing a last-minute show at Littlefield in Brooklyn, which holds about 400 people max from what I've read.

Doors for Stars at Littlefield are 8 p.m., with showtime listed as 10 p.m. I probably won't be able to catch that show after Radio City, but if you're looking for a good pop-rock show to finish your weekend (and for only $10), catch Stars at Littlefield (check link to see if tickets are still available).

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Eliot said...

Misty Boyce is on at 6:30 and she's wonderful. See if you can stick around for her.