Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pete Yorn Rocks Out on Frank Black Produced New Album

Singer-songwriter Pete Yorn is back with a new album, and fans of his more rocking side (like me) will be quite pleased. The new self-titled album from the Montville, New Jersey native, which came out Sept. 28th, marks a return to the electric, more raw sound often heard on his first few albums. (His last effort, 2009's "Back and Fourth," had a more mellow, acoustic sound.)

It's no accident that "Pete Yorn" is more of a rocker: this new recording was produced by none other than Frank Black (a.k.a. Black Francis) of The Pixies. Black introduced a more edgy feel that is less produced and polished than what Yorn had been doing recently. (Read a brief interview with Pete Yorn, and download or listen to his new single "Precious Stone," at a Magnet Magazine article, in which he talks about working with Frank Black.) You can also download "Precious Stone" free here, and download another song, "Velcro Shoes," free as well.

Spinner.com is streaming the entire "Pete Yorn" album here.

Yorn has been quite busy lately: beside this new album and last year's "Back and Fourth," he also recorded an album of duets last year with actress/singer Scarlett Johansson, called "Break Up."

Pete Yorn is slowly adding dates to his tour to promote the new album. A New York City show sold out in less than 15 minutes, strangely enough, so here's hoping he'll add another one. (How did that sell out so fast? Did Scarlett Johansson fans discover him from "Break Up" and snap up all the tickets?)

You can check out Pete Yorn tour dates here, and keep up with him via his website, MySpace page, and Twitter account.

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