Monday, November 21, 2011

Free Album Streaming: Rhett Miller Live, Calexico's "Selections," Soundtrack to Michael Jackson's "Immortal," & More

New albums from Rhett Miller (formerly of the Old 97s) and Calexico highlight this week's free streaming albums. The Miller album is "The Interpreter," a live recording from Largo, the famed L.A.'s club. Calexico's new album on preview is a live one too, titled "Selections From Road Atlas 1998-2011." As the name indicates, it's a collection of tracks from the "Road Atlas" box set, which features all of Calexicos self-released tour albums on vinyl (it also includes MP3 versions of the music).

Preview Calexico's live collection this week at Spinner below.

Also of note this week is "Immortal" by the late Michael Jackson, the soundtrack of the Cirque du Soleil tour of the same name. The album is billed as "Michael Jackson's greatest recordings remained for Cirque du Soleil," and includes remakes and mash-ups of his tunes. You can see a video about the making of the album below.

And there's a tribute album to Linda McCartney featuring Beatles and Paul McCartney songs performed by country and pop artists including Ricky Skaggs, Shedaisy, Kenny Loggins, and Timothy B. Schmidt (who's been in Poco and the Eagles). I'm not sure of the connection between Linda McCartney and country music, but the collection (which is said to have received the blessing of Sir Paul) is to raise money for the Women and Cancer Fund, created in the memory of Linda (who died of breast cancer in 1998).

(My usual note: there are more albums available for streaming than just the ones listed below, and some of them are up for longer than one week.)'s Listening Party:
"Selections From Road Atlas 1998-2011" by Calexico
"The Interpreter (Live at Largo)" by Rhett Miller
"Immortal" by Michael Jackson

Other albums from Spinner this week include "Better Days" by Fonda, "Wildfire" by Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun, and "Grimm Reality" by Dimlite.

AOL Music Listening Party: 
"Let Us In Nashville - A Tribute to Linda McCartney" by Various Artists
"Stream of Conscience" (EP) by 2/3 Goat (yes, that's "two-thirds goat")

Also on AOL Music: "No Kings" by Doomtree, "Streetlight Lullabies" by Toh Kay, "Break the Spell" by Daughtry," and "Your Name All Over It" (EP) by Knockout Kid.

What new releases are you looking forward to this week or in the coming weeks?

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