Sunday, May 27, 2012

Jess Klein Introduces Her New Album at The Living Room

Jess Klein is one of those singer-songwriters whose story is all too familiar: great voice and songs, lots of talent, a number of years and albums under her belt, critical acclaim, but still flying under the radar of popular awareness. I've enjoyed her music since hearing her album "Draw Them Near"back in 2000 or so, but had never seen her live until Friday at The Living Room in NYC.

Jess Klein flanked by Billy Masters and Professor Feathers (Mark Addison).

Although Klein, a Rochester, New York native, once lived in New York City, she relocated to Austin several years ago and I knew that Friday's show would be my best chance to see her in my neck of the woods. What's more, the Living Room gig featured her playing with a full band, including well-traveled guitarist Billy Masters (who I've seen in the past playing with Suzanne Vega and Dar Williams).

Jess Klein's current tour is to promote her latest album, "Behind A Veil,"which she released without a record label in April (you can preview the album below). As "No Depression" wrote, the album "shows why she ought to be Americana’s next big thing. Klein possesses one of those indelible voices that that can go from a sultry rumble to a plaintive wail even while grabbing attention on first encounter."  

Maybe it's due to her new location in Austin, but a number of songs on "Behind a Veil" have a satisfying country twang to them. The tunes range from ballads to out-and-out rockers, and if you're a fan of singers in a folk/pop/country vein, you'll want to check out Jess Klein.

To learn more about Jess Klein and her new album, listen to this interview she recently did with Austin Architects Podcast (which includes a few songs).

Jess Klein performing "Riverview" from her new album.

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