Monday, March 12, 2012

Trophy Stars Played "Alphabet. Alphabets" at Maxwell's Sunday Night

Trophy Scars brought its brand of psychedelic/progressive/post-hardcore rock to Maxwell's Saturday and Sunday nights, playing its album "Alphabet. Alphabets" in its entirety to sold-out crowds both nights. I wasn't familiar with the band until a few weeks before the show, but since Maxwell's is a convenient, affordable venue for me, I bought a ticket to Sunday's show and starting checking out some of their music on Spotify.

Trophy Scars frontman Jerry Jones.
Although the Morristown, New Jersey band is working on a new album, this weekend was devoted to playing its 2006 collection "Alphabet. Alphabets" all the way through. Trophy Scars has a devoted and enthusiastic following, and much of the front third of the crowd at Sunday night's show was chanting the lyrics and pumping its fists along with each syllable.

Apparently things can get a little too enthusiastic, for signs were posted saying that anyone other than band or crew to get on the stage would be ejected, and two bouncers were at the front of the stage during the Trophy Scars set (the first time I've seen either of these things at a Maxwell's show).

Frontman Jerry Jones also addressed the crowd before launching into the set, telling them that crowd surfing would not be allowed owing to the low ceiling and lights at Maxwell's. But there was no trouble during the show, and Trophy Scars plowed through the album, which was every bit as loud and raw in person as its recorded version. (Though I usually don't wear earplugs to concerts, listening to the recoded version of "Alphabet. Alphabets" convinced me to bring them to Maxwell's. They were definitely needed.)

Although hardcore and post-hardcore aren't usually my favorite types of music to see live, Trophy Scars does have it quieter moments, and the fact that it adds in blues and experimental influences makes it more interesting. I would probably see them live again.

You can see an interview with Trophy Scars frontman Jerry Jones here.

Trophywife, one of the opening acts.

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