Thursday, March 22, 2012

Allman Brothers Band at the Beacon Theatre, March 21st - Photos & Setlist

The Allman Brothers Band is nearing the end of this year's annual run of shows at the Beacon Theatre, and I was able to attend Wednesday night's concert. Below are some photos and a setlist (also available on the band's website).

I go almost every year, and while it's easy to take such an annual event for granted, I try not to; to enjoy each show on it's own, and as if it might be the last. As usual, the Allman Brothers displayed its usual high-quality musicianship. As a friend who attends the concerts with me said a few years back, an Allmans show is like a jazz concert; these are top-notch musicians who include a lot of improvisation in their shows.

Yankee great Bernie Williams (second from right) joined the band on stage Wednesday.
As usual, a number of guest stars joined the band on stage. In a uniquely New York touch, the night's first guest, in the very first song ("One Way Out"), was former Yankee outfielder Bernie Williams (who has recorded at least one album of guitar music). Also guesting with the Allmans on Wednesday night: singers Ruthie Foster and Susan Tedeschi; guitarist Roddy Lawrence; bluegrass banjo player Tony Trischka; and The Juke Horns (playing on multiple numbers).

The Allman Brothers Band on stage at the Beacon Wednesday.

Warren Haynes singing, accompanied by The Juke Horns.

Susan Tedeschi and Ruthie Foster singing with the Allman Brothers.
Gregg Allman singing.

The Allman Brothers Band has two more shows in this year's Beacon run, this Saturday and Sunday. The shows sold out long ago, but there are tickets on StubHub, and prices there often actually get lower as show time approaches and sellers get itchy to get rid of their tickets.

In other Allmans news, Gregg Allman is coming out with an autobiography, "My Cross to Bear,"in a couple of months. No doubt it will be interesting to read his takes on the band's early days, her perspectives on decades of life on the road, and his health scare with hepatitis C and a liver transplant.

Setlist from the Allman Brothers Band show at the Beacon, Wed., March 21st:
1. One Way Out (with Bernie Williams, guitar)
2. Midnight Rider
3. The High Cost Of Low Living
4. Bag End
5. River's Gonna Rise (with Ruthie Foster, vocals; Bernie Williams, guitar)
6. Blind Willie McTell (with The Juke Horns)
7. Stand Back (with The Juke Horns)
8. Soulshine (with The Juke Horns)
9. The Same Thing (with The Juke Horns)

Set II Acoustic
10. Katrina (Rocky Lawrence, guitar & vocals & Warren & Derek only)
11. Grinnin' In Your Face (Ruthie Foster & Warren, a capella)
12. Death Came A Knockin' (with Ruthie Foster, guitar & vocals, Susan Tedeschi, vocals)
13. These Days (Gregg & Warren only)

14. Blue Sky
15. The Weight (with Ruthie Foster & Susan Tedeschi, vocals; Juke Horns)
16. Les Brers In A Minor (with Tony Trischka, banjo; bass & banjo solo; drum solo)

17. Revival


Canada said...

I find that when I like a book I don't have much to say or review other than to say that I liked it. And I liked this book and I don't understand the two who gave the book a 1. This is/was his life. What else did you want him to say? I'll tell you this. So many autobiographies are sanitized and sugar-coated. This is not one of them. I think Gregg gets very personal and honest with us. He gives us his regrets and his joys in his life. If he was childish and selfish (as the bad reviewers give him), he is not this way now. I was fortunate enough to see him 2 nights ago for a book signing and live talk being interviewed by his coauthor Alan Light and it was wonderful. It was wonderful to see and hear him speak in person and for him to be real with all of us. I told him I loved him and his brother.

Dave B said...

Thanks for visiting. I haven't read the book yet, but when I do I'd like to hear Gregg talk about it -- with a good, non-tabloid-type moderator. He was on Piers Morgan on CNN last week, but from the short clips I saw Morgan seemed more interested in Allman's love life, addiction, etc. than music and the whole arc of his life.