Saturday, August 28, 2010

NYC Free Shows Sunday: Jelly Show with Delorean & "Special Guests"; Charlie Parker Jazz Festival with Jimmy Scott,

The free summer festival season is, sadly, coming to an end, but there are a couple of good ones Sunday, August 29th:

* The Charlie Parker Jazz Festival with Jimmy Scott, Vijay Iyer, The Cookers and Catherine Russell - 3 p.m., SummerStage - 
Tompkins Square Park
(The Wall Street Journal did a nice article the other day on Jimmy Scott)

* "Special Guests Headliner," Delorean, Dominique Young Unique - [couldn't find time] East River State Park, Brooklyn
(This once-cancelled final Jelly "Pool Party" concert at East River State Park is back on, though I couldn't find a start time. And I have no idea who the "special guests headliner" is, though it should be a good one, considering the level of talent the series has attracted in the past.)

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