Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Get Arcade Fire's New "The Suburbs" MP3 Download for Just $3.99 - Tuesday Only!

I'd planned on buying "The Suburbs" on CD so I could check out the artwork, credits, etc., but I may reconsider that since finding out that Amazon. com has made the new Arcade Fire album its "deal of the day" for Tuesday, August 3rd (the album's release date). For this day only, you can get the album for just $3.99 (U.S. customers only, I'm pretty sure).

Amazon.com has featured Arcade Fire's first two albums in the last couple of months as part of its regular "100 MP3 albums for $5" deal, so I took advantage of those deals. If I buy "The Suburbs" today, I will have gotten all three Arcade Fire albums for $14.00. No album artwork, credits, band photos, etc., but you can't beat the price.

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