Monday, June 18, 2007

Write a Blog Post, Win an LCD Monitor

Writing a blog can bring you exposure, fame, a little cash, and now a 24" wide-screen LCD monitor from LG Electronics. Tech blog, in which a dot-com mogul gives advice on how people can use the Web to make money, is having a contest that's offering a L245WP LG monitor to one lucky person who writes about the contest and links to it... just like I'm doing right now.

The contest is being sponsored by BlueFur, which is NOT a company that sells colored fur but is in fact a Web hosting firm that wants to get out the word that it is hosting Canada and the rest of the world as well (whether or not those places have fur in blue or any other color).

See the "make money" link above for contest details. It's pretty easy... you don't have to live in Canada, have blue fur (or any fur), or even speak English! Check it out and you may win the LG monitor.

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Sire said...

Now that really is too bad about the blue fur because i reckon that would have been a good look. I just may check that link out as the prize sounds really good. Thanks for the post