Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Now Streaming: New CDs from Alberta Cross, Lawrence Arabia, & More

It's slim pickings in the album-streaming department this week, with fewer titles than usual on offer. But there are still some interesting releases out there. One example: the three-disc set "Out Of Many: 50 Years Of Reggae Music" (streaming on NPR Music), is a compilation that commemorates the half-century since Jamaica gained its independence with one hit song from each year, beginning in 1962.

The collection is from VP Records and features only artists who recorded for that label (so you'll find names such as Yellowman and Shabba Ranks, but not Bob Marley), but that may make it interesting for exposing listeners to figures who aren't the most famous ones in the genre.

Video for "The Processional" by Woodpecker!

Also streaming on NPR is a new album by a band called TheNewNo2 (pronounced "the new number two"). That name may be as unfamiliar to you as it was to me, but you'll recognize one of its members: Dhani Harrison, the son of late Beatle George Harrison. Note: don't expect music that's a chip off the old block; from what I've heard of thenewno2, it sounds nothing like the Beatles or any of the elder Harrison's solo work.

On the Americana/folkie end of the spectrum, there are new albums by Alberta Cross (which, despite its name, is not Canadian), The Illegitimate Sons, and Woodpecker!, which I first heard on NPR Music but whose album is streaming on Spinner.

You'll also a second chance to hear the new Passion Pit album, "Gossamer," which is streaming over at Spinner this week.

Maybe with fewer albums streaming this week, I'll actually be able to listen to all the ones I want to hear.

NPR First Listen:
"Out Of Many: 50 Years Of Reggae Music" by various artists
"Thefearofmissingout" by TheNewNo2

Spinner.com's Listening Party:
"Gossamer" by Passion Pit
"Songs of Patience" by Alberta Cross
"The Sparrow" by Lawrence Arabia
"Unearth" by Grasscut
"Drunk Is the New Sober / Stupid Is the New Dumb" by Dots Will Echo
"Union" by Saint Saviour
"Art of Losses" by The Blakes
"Thanks Anyway" by Woodpecker!

AOL Music Listening Party: 
"I Am a Moth" by Ryan Darton
"American Music" by The Illegitimate Sons
"Cardiology" by Sara Jackson-Holman

KCRW Album Preview: 
"Voyeur" by Saint Motel

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