Thursday, April 05, 2012

Photos: Screaming Females Launch "Ugly" Tour at Maxwell's

Screaming Females launched the tour for their new album, "Ugly," with an album release party at Maxwell's Thursday night. The band played a one-hour set that emphasized the new record (which came out on Tuesday on Don Giovanni Records).

Screaming Females: King Mike, Jarrett Dougherty, and Marissa Paternoster (left to right). (Click photo to enlarge.)
Despite the critical acclaim and higher profile Screaming Females have gotten recently, the show wasn't sold out. The band did draw an enthusiastic, good-sized crowd, with a randomly appearing mosh pit that sometimes pushed people in the front row onto the stage.

No one seemed to get hurt in the moshing, although one guy briefly surfed the crowd—never a good idea in a club with a low ceiling—and his foot kicked a hanging light, which then turned around and focused on the crowd. A few minutes later a fan jumped up and tapped the light to direct it back toward the stage, and it happened to end up shining right on Marissa Paternoster. So things worked out OK after all.

You can stream "Ugly" here, and read Jim Kot's review of the album (he calls it the band's best yet).

Screaming Females upcoming tour dates:
April 6th: Bell House, Brooklyn
April 7th: Pi Lam (Human BBQ), Philadelphia
April 8th: The Black Cat, Washington, D.C.

A few photos from last night (click to enlarge):

Jarrett Dougherty, and Marissa Paternoster.

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