Friday, February 03, 2012

Lana Del Rey Sings "Video Games" Better on Letterman (VIDEO)

On the week that her album "Born To Die"dropped, Lana Del Rey returned to singing for late-night TV, performing "Video Games" on last night's Letterman. And she certainly learned a few things from her universally panned performance on SNL a few weeks back.

Backed by a pianist and string section, Del Rey seemed more confident and less awkward than on SNL, and no doubt worked on trying to be less stiff and more animated on stage. Letterman was impressed (or pretended to be, in any case), asking if she was able to come back Friday, and Monday.

Letterman did muff the "Born To Die"release date when talking to Del Rey after the performance, saying that it was coming out next week when it had actually be released Jan. 31st. (See links to some "Born to Die" reviews here.)

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