Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Peter Bjorn & John at Maxwell's (Photos)

Singer Peter Moren and drummer John Eriksson of Peter Bjorn and John.

The Swedish trio Peter Bjorn & John played Maxwell's on Tuesday, playing a late-night (for a weeknight) set of infectious pop songs from their albums, including "Gimme Some," their release from earlier this year.

PB&J, of course, entered mainstream consciousness in 2006 with their hit "Young Folks," a catchy tune (from the "Writer's Block" album) that became a summer favorite. Their fun, energetic set at Maxwell's featured that tune naturally, as well as songs including "Nothing to Worry About," "Amsterdam," "Dig a Little Deeper," "Second Chance," and "Down Like Me."

If you've like their songs, you'll enjoy seeing them live. Although they only have three members (playing guitar, bass, and drums), they put on a high-energy show. And yes, all their songs are in English.

In the photos below, singer and guitarist Peter Moren ventures into the crowd with microphone and harmonica during "Nothing to Worry About." 

Getting up close and personal with the Maxwell's crowd...

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