Saturday, January 30, 2010

Apple iPad: CNet & Other Reviews... and Plenty of Spoofs

Steve Jobs launched the Apple iPad with plenty of flair on Wednesday, and the reviewers are weighing it. You can find CNet's Apple iPad review here, which as you'd expect from that site gives a lot of information including an overview, specifications, detailed information, and reader reviews.

In another article, two CNET staffers debate the merits of the iPad, looking at the audience it's meant for, how it meets (or doesn't meet) that audience's needs, what it has and what it's lacking, and how it stacks up as a reading, gaming, and work device.

PC World links to reviews of the iPad here, and also offers its own brief hands-on iPad review.

Of course, if you've been anywhere near the Internet since the iPad launch you've no doubt heard the many jokes about the product's name, which reminds many people of a feminine hygiene product. You can find a collection of a variety of iPad jokes and spoofs here. Lots of folks have pointed out that MadTV did a skit on the feminine protection/iPad idea a few years ago, as seen in the video above.

Of course, if the iPad is a hit, the jokes about the name will be soon forgotten.

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