Saturday, December 12, 2009

Free Streaming Christmas Music Online

If you're looking for some new Christmas music to get you in the holiday spirit but don't want to spend money on tunes you'll only listen to a few weeks of the year, check out these sites where you can stream Christmas music online for free.

* One of the leading online audio sites, Live365 has one of the biggest and broadest selections of holiday music channels (106, according to the site), with genres including jazz, instrumentals, easy listening, bluegrass, New Age and Celtic, and any more.

* AOL Music Christmas music: AOL is another major player in streaming music. Though it's best known for offering new pop CDs, it has more than a dozen Christmas offerings. Among the more unique options: Christmas songs from kids TV shows, holiday comedy tracks, winter solstice songs, and holiday songs from around the world.

What's more, AOL Music also enables you to listen to more than 30 full Christmas CDs free, including collections by current artists such as David Archuleta, the Beach Boys, the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and A Fine Frenzy to Nat King Cole, Aretha Granklin, Ray Charles, and Frank Sinatra. Oh, there's also "We Wish You a Metal Christmas" (featuring Alice Cooper, Dave Grohl, and others).

* You'll find more than 30 streaming Christmas stations here spanning such genres as adult contemporary, instrumental, Latino, R&B, Top 40, country, jazz, rock, traditional oldies, and soundtracks.

* The Christmas music page of this Web site has links to 20 online radio channels, some from (see above). The stations cover everything from classic Christmas songs to holiday songs from the 1940s through 1960s and even a station that "plays only one thing: versions of 'Blue Christmas.'"

Whether you're into traditional Christmas carols, rock tunes, heavy metal songs, or endless versions of "Blue Christmas," you'll find something to suit your taste in these free online streaming Christmas channels. Happy listening, and Merry Christmas!

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