Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hear the Entire Michael Jackson Single "This Is It" Streaming Online

The new album by the late Michael Jackson won't be coming out until near the end of this month, but the unreleased single of the title song, "This Is It," is now streaming online at the singer's Web site. The streaming began at Midnight Eastern time, Monday, October 12th.

The album "This Is It" will be released October 26th and 27th (except for the vinyl version, which hits stores on November 10th). The movie based on rehearsals for the "This Is It" tour will hit theaters on October 28th. (You can find show times and dates and reserve tickets to see the movie by visiting The film is scheduled to run for two weeks only.

Jackson's Web site says that the album is the companion piece to the film and that it includes "the music that inspired the film, demo recordings, and two versions of the previously unreleased song, 'This Is It.'"

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