Friday, September 18, 2009

L.A.'s KCRW Launches a New Streaming Music Channel

KCRW has long been regarded one of the nation's most innovative radio stations, and like many other stations it has made its programming available online. (I've been listening to KCRW online at various times since those painful times long ago when I tried to stay connected to its stream on a dial-up connection.) But the station has now made it easier than ever to hear their distinctive mix of music with a new music streaming channel called Eclectic 24.

KCRW has programs covering many musical styles, from alternative rock to R&B, house, electronica, Latin pop, and urban, and catching a particular show at the time it was broadcast live from the West Coast was a problem. KCRW Eclectic 24 solves that dilemma by putting into one continuous stream a selection of music from the entire range of its music programs, from its collection of accomplished DJs.

You can listen to Eclectic 24 online at The station has a number of features users have come to expect from streaming music sites. You can:
* listen on the home page, on a pop-out player, or with iTunes and other podcast players
* find brief biographical information on the artists, plus links to their Web sites and online stores where you can purchase their music
* listen to other KCRW programming, including live sessions

And a grid of album covers on the right-hand side of the page shows recently played songs. Just move your mouse over an image to see the song and artist name; clicking on an image gives more details and a link to a full tracklist of songs played.

KCRW's DJs are a talented bunch (many work as music directors for TV or film) and they have a wide range of tastes and styles. Eclectic 24 brings their collective song-picking talents into one stream, making it a great choice for music fans who like all kinds of music.

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