Saturday, February 07, 2009

Lost Untangled: Snappy Summaries with Action Figure Re-Enactments

In its latest attempt to help viewers understand the many twists and turns of its hit show, Lost, ABC has launched a series of short videos called "Lost Untangled." (You can view them at ABC's Lost Web page,

There are many shows on TV that have multiple plot lines and that pretty much need to be seen every week to be really appreciated (or understood), but Lost adds a few more monkey wrenches with its recurring themes of time travel, smoke monsters, islands that disappear, and dead characters who won't stay that way.

"Lost Untangled" is meant to bring viewers up to speed in a humorous four-minute video clip. It's not your ordinary summary, though... it features action figures and cardboard cut-outs of Lost characters re-enacting scenes.

The first "Lost Untangled" summarizes the most recent episode, "The Little Prince," Season 5, Episode 4 (504), while also throwing in bits of background from the previous season. Since "Lost Untangled" crams a lot of plot development into a very short amount of time, it might get the uninitiated Lost viewer more tangled than untangled.

It seems "Lost Untangled" will feature new episodes each week with snappy summaries and action figure re-enactments.

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