Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"Lost" Season 5 Premiere Tonight - Get Ready!

If you're a fan of ABC's "Lost" like me, you'll be parked in front of the TV for two hours tonight with the phone off the hook for the big premiere of season 5 (or three hours, if I decide to watch the clip show beforehand). What's going to happen? Will the show pick up right where it left off last season, or will it begin with yet another new story line and a tangent for us all to follow?

* The Boston Globe calls it "a riveting premiere" with lots of clues.

* Entertainment Weekly compiles a list of "10 Key Things to Know for Season 5" of "Lost".

* Public radio's Monkey See blog discusses how you can enjoy "Lost" without watching every episode (it's technically possible, but the show is much more rich when you know all that's happened and all the characters' relationships and backstories).

* Hurley speaks! Jorge Garcia spills some "Lost" season 5 secrets in an interview with Zap2It.

* Head for the official ABC site for "Lost" season 5 premiere sneak previews, photos, character summaries, and lots more.

And to keep yourself amused until the show kicks off tonight, Newsday has a "Lost" quiz so you can test your knowledge of the island and its inhabitants.


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