Monday, September 24, 2007

Polaris Music Prize to be Awarded Tonight

The best in Canadian indie music will be recognized tonight when the Polaris Music Prize is awarded tonight in Toronto. CBC Radio host Grant Lawrence, who also hosts the CBC Radio 3 podcast, will be host (wonder if the wacky emcee will play it straight, or if he will have any humorous tricks up his sleeve?)

The Polaris Music Prize is a pretty simple, straightforward affair; there's just one prize, for best album. And the 2007 nominees are:

  • Neon Bible, Arcade Fire
  • The Besnard Lakes Are the Dark Horse, The Besnard Lakes
  • Gang of Losers, The Dears
  • Woke Myself Up, Julie Doiron
  • So This Is Goodbye, Junior Boys
  • The Reminder, Feist
  • Five Roses, Miracle Fortress
  • Ashtray Rock, the Joel Plaskett Emergency
  • Skelliconnection, Chad Vangaalen
  • Close to Paradise, Patrick Watson

Lots of good CDs in the list, and I'm a fan of a number of these artists. But having seen Feist live in person and listening to her new CD over and over this year, I'm pulling for The Reminder. (I wrote about Feist in a previous post.)

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