Tuesday, November 14, 2006

News Corp. Steals Band's MySpace Site; Outcry Ensues; Band Gets Site Back

I ran across this story the other day and couldn't believe it. Here goes: An indie-rock band called Bones recently logged in to its MySpace page and found that its content had been replaced by promotional content for the Fox TV Series "Bones."

Who snatched the band's site, why, and how? Well, the band's URL - myspace.com/bones - was apparently coveted by the Fox network and its owner News Corp., which happened to buy MySpace within the last year.

Since the Louisiana-based band relied on its MySpace page as a means to promote itself and stay in touch with fans - and the MySpace URL is on all their posters and other literature - this was a pretty disturbing turn of events. The good news is that once the hububb became public, News Corp. did an about-face and restored the band's original content.

A posting from the band on their MySpace page says they received a message from Tom of MySpace saying:

"I heard about what happened with your URL. I gave it back to ya...Sorry about that! As we grow in size, sometimes people make decisions I don't know about. This was obviously the wrong decision. The Bones URL is yours once again. :-) "

The story has a further happy ending for the non-corporate Bones. The band has received much publicity from the incident, and has been encouraged by the outpouring of support and good wishes from other indie bands and music fans in general.

Score this one: Rock 'n Rollers- 1, Corporate Cretins- 0.

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